How to buy or sell VITAE tokens on Instaswap

Learn how to buy or sell Vitae tokens on

If you want to buy and sell Vitae tokens you can use an exchange such as STEX or you can use InstaSwap.


The big advantage of InstaSwap is the fact that you don't need to register and go through the KYC or Know Your Customer procedure.

How does InstaSwap work ?

  1. Transfer funds to InstaSwap from your wallet.

  2. Searching the best available rate on the market.

  3. Exchanging at the best rate.

  4. InstaSwap charges a transparent fee 0.4% from the final amount.

  5. Funds are delivered to a recipient wallet.

  6. Vitae is an exclusive partner.

You can also use your credit card and buy Vitae Tokens!

Below you can watch a 6 minute video in English showing you how to swap Bitcoins into Vitae Tokens and  Vitae Tokens to Bitcoin.

Enjoy !

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