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Vitae Social Reward Website

On the Vitae Social Rewards Website you can chat, post, like, share, invite friends and earn an online income.

Beta Members :

Vitae is currently in Beta [ testing phase ] and growing from 200 [ January 2019 ] to 95,000 Beta Members [ February 2021 ].

Vitae continues to grow very rapidly and goes public later on in 2021.


You too can join in Beta and receive 6 units in the Garden Matrix as your reward for joining Vitae now.

1 at registration + 5 when you upgrade, value 1 full unit = 344.10 USD, the value 6 full units = 2,064.60 USD.

Are you a pioneer ? Are you ready to start today with Vitae and get acquainted with this new platform ?

Ready to start with Vitae ?

Go to the contact form and ask for your Vitae Beta Referral Link.

Free Members :

The public launch, which is currently being prepared, is planned for later in the year.


New members will not only join Vitae for free but also receive 1 unit in the Garden Matrix sponsored by the current Vitae community.

Value 1 full unit = 344.10 USD.

Vitae is the first social rewards website that pays their users for their activity on the platform.

Do you want to start with Vitae at public launch ?

Do you want to earn an online income by being active on this new social media platform ?


Do you want to be the first Vitae member to invite your family and friends for free ?

Do you want to see Vitae in action ?

Vitae is a huge success already and on it's way to be the # 1 social media platform in the world with billions of users all getting paid for their activity on the platform, join now and tell your friends and family that you are one of the first members of Vitae!

Fill in the contact form and start today! You'll be surprised at what Vitae has to offer you.

This is not the official Vitae site but the personal site of an independent Vitae Beta Tester and Member

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