Basic Membership is 100% free! With option to upgrade and enjoy more benefits and features!

Free Members are invited by referral link given by a Vitae Beta Member as soon as the Vitae Social Rewards Website goes public.

There is no date set yet but it is expected that FREE MEMBERS will be able to join within 3 months.

With your Vitae referral link you will be able to register at Vitae and start enjoying the first social media platform which rewards its users for using their platform. Upon registration you receive one unit in the Vitae Garden ( Value full unit = 344.10 USD ).

Vitae is the only social network that rewards users for their activity. You will gain more financial freedom using the Vitae platform simply by doing what you've been doing for years. You can reward your friends and they can reward you.

You can find more information on the Vitae Official Website at

This is not the official Vitae site but the personal site of an independent Vitae Beta Tester and Member

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