With Vitae you can make money in 7 different ways, join one of the English or Dutch Zoom meetings on a weekly basis for the Vitae basic information and Question & Answer Zoom meetings were your questions will be answered.

Free Members will be invited by referral link given by a Beta Member as soon as the Vitae SRW goes public. Go to the contact page and leave us a message that you want to join Vitae as a Free Member.

There is no date set yet but it is expected that FREE MEMBERS will be able to join before the end of 2020.

With your Vitae referral link you can register at https://vitae.co/ and complete your profile, you will also receive 1 Garden Unit which represents 150 LIKES and a spot in the Garden Matrix which pays out gradually up to a total of 344 credits [ 344 Credits = 344 USD ].

As soon as you :

  1. Upload your cover photo and

  2. Upload your profile photo and

  3. Create your Vitae deposit address in your Vitae wallet

you will automatically receive your FREE GARDEN UNIT.

Ask the person who send you the Vitae referral link and invited you to join the Vitae Social Rewards Website to show you all the options you have at your disposal to grow your online income, be sure to ask how to grow your garden as quickly as possible.

But ... you don't have to wait to enjoy the Vitae Social Rewards Website as you can start today as a Vitae Beta Member with a huge income opportunity.

This is not the official Vitae site but the personal site of an independent Vitae Beta Tester and Member

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