Basic Membership is 100% free and will be available at Vitae Public Launch !


With option to upgrade and enjoy more benefits and features!

Every Vitae Member can upgrade for 199.99 USD and become a Beta Member.

These are some of the premium features Vitae will add in the future:

  • Exclusive games: play videogames with other members of the community.

  • Vitae studio: live streaming services.

  • Different B2B opportunities.

  • Facetime : facetime to other members of the community.

  • Enjoy the best educational material about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Network Marketing and many other subjects.

  • Group and studio chat rooms are a must for the platform to develop greater interaction, engagement and opportunity for all.

  • Vitae enables influencers to get the most direct rewards of any social network and for the first time also their followers will enjoy rewards as well.


95,000 Beta members have already access to a variety of extra features.

Why become a BETA member NOW ? ( instead of a free member after public launch )

  1. You setup your OWN online company for only 199.99 USD.

  2. You are able to use the platform and add unlimited followers.

  3. You receive 6 units in the Vitae Garden.

    • 1 at registration plus

    • 5 when you upgrade

    • Value 1 full unit = 344.10 USD.

    • Value 6 full units = 2,064.60 USD.

  4. You have a pole position at Public Launch being able to invite all your friends.

  5. Vitae does not censor your posts unlike other social media!

  6. Vitae does not sell your personal data!

  7. Vitae does not limit your number of followers!

  8. You get instantly rewarded by the Vitae community for your activity.

  9. Enjoy the most direct way to make a profit through social media.

  10. And receive your money quickly through the Vitae token.

You can find more information on the Vitae Official Website at

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