With Vitae you can make money in 7 different ways, join one of the English or Dutch Zoom meetings on a weekly basis for the Vitae basic information and Question & Answer Zoom meetings were your questions will be answered.

Beta Members are the pioneers of the Vitae Social Rewards Website, they see and understand the vision of the Vitae founders and they are responsible for building a worldwide member base and prepare the Vitae SRW to get ready for general launch to billions of users worldwide.

New Beta Members can join by a Vitae referral link given by another Beta Member, then you can register at https://vitae.co/ and complete your profile, you will also receive 1 Garden Unit which represents 150 LIKES and a spot in the Garden Matrix which pays out gradually up to a total of 344 credits [ 344 Credits = 344 USD ].

As soon as you :

  1. Upload your cover photo and

  2. Upload your profile photo and

  3. Create your Vitae deposit address in your Vitae wallet

you will automatically receive your FREE GARDEN UNIT.

Beta Members enjoy, in return for a monthly upgrade fee, 5 Garden Units each month which pays out gradually up to a total of 5 x 344 Credits = 1720 Credits [ = 1720 USD ].

Why become a BETA member NOW ? ( instead of later as a free member )

  1. Setting up your OWN company for only 199.99 credits and being able to use all Vitae gives you at your disposal to grow your business ( no other expenses ).

  2. Being able to use the platform, make groups, create pages, add unlimited followers.

  3. Have already 6 units in the Garden Matrix ( 1 at registration and 5 at upgrade) and add other upgraded members NOW.

  4. "Pole position" at Public Launch to invite friends, family and other contacts as users of the Vitae platform ( then it will expand very fast ).

  5. Being part of the Destiny where 50% will earn 200 credits or more until 9350 max.

Ask the person who send you the Vitae referral link and invited you to join the Vitae Social Rewards Website to show you all the options you have at your disposal to grow your online income, be sure to ask how to grow your garden as quickly as possible.

I have been a Beta Member since Vitae came online and every day my appreciation towards the founders of the Vitae community grows more and more as I am seeing and understanding the vision the founders saw when they started this wonderful social media rewards website.

Do you want to see my Vitae website in action ? Send me a message and tell me the best time for you to have a Zoom meeting and I'll be happy to share the Vitae vision with you.

Go to our contact page for immediate answers to questions you might have.

This is not the official Vitae site but the personal site of an independent Vitae Beta Tester and Member

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