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Are you interested in working from home ?

On the Vitae Social Rewards Website you can chat, post, like, share, invite friends and earn an online income.

You can join the Vitae community as a Free Member ( as soon as Vitae goes public ) and as a Beta Member.

Are you ready to make a difference ?

What is Vitae ?

Developed with a purpose to change the world and bring freedom back to you!


Vitae provides a social rewards network and gives opportunity for financial freedom.

Are you ready to make a difference for yourself and for the world ?

You can start today!

1. Registration

2. Social Media Platform

3. The Vitae Wallet

4. Earning Credits

5. Buy Like Units

6. The Upgrade




Ready to start with Vitae?


Go to the contact form and ask for your Vitae Beta Referral Link.

This is not the official Vitae site but the personal site of an independent Vitae Beta Tester and Member

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